It’s Thursday. Again.

How can it be Thursday again?

I’m sure last Thursday was only a second ago. I distinctly remember feeling guilty because I didn’t have a blog post ready to publish.

Surely that wasn’t a week ago?

Maybe it was. I’ve eaten 3 whole packets of biscuits since then. And last weekend definitely wasn’t yesterday.

Sod it.

That means today is the day I’m meant to publish a blog post.

I don’t have time for that. But I know I should. I mean, my business coach said I should and that marketing guru on LinkedIn, and that study with all the impressive statistics. So I really should. Definitely.

Right. Today I am going to update my blog (how many months has it been?) and get the SEO ball rolling.

But, I really don’t have time. 

OK, if I get off facebook I can squeeze in an hour before school pick up. That should be plenty of time.

I just need to decide on a topic.


I don’t know. My mind has gone blank.

I need to be informative and entertaining. What do people want to be informed about?

I have no idea.

Where’s that ideal client work I did? Hmm, it says my IC is worried about Brexit. 

I can’t write about Brexit, I know nothing about politics. Anyway, I only put that in because I couldn’t think of anything else and my business coach was bugging me. Everyone is worried about Brexit so it seemed like a safe bet.

What else? She has two children. Can I write something about sibling rivalry? How does that link to my business???

OK, start again. I could explain what I do? Except I already did that.

I could… I really have no idea.

What I need is a plan. A strategy. Keywords!!!

Oh, I absolutely don’t have time for that!

I’m going to get ready for the school run. Maybe I’ll pick up a coffee on the way.

I can always blog tomorrow. Right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sometimes finds it hard to actually publish blog posts? I might write blogs and plans for other people but that doesn’t always make doing my own any easier!

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