A book can help your business to change the world.

You know that your business changes lives. You see it every day, when you hear back from a client and see their transformations. The problem is, you can’t help everyone!

An open book floats in the mist at sunrise, it's pages are covered by a grassy meadow and a tree spreads it's branches over the scene. A world in a book.
Books can change the world

My clients are often on a mission to make a difference. They are successful coaches, consultants and course creators who see massive change in the people they work with, a change that creates an impact.

But they want more.

They want to help more people, to make a difference in the world beyond the small number of VIP clients they work with one to one. Even beyond the few hundred who might sign up for a membership or group program.

This is where a book can make a difference. 

Books are still a place where people go to look for help. Real, in depth help that goes beyond blog posts and podcasts, as great as those are.

The books on my shelves are a record of my life. They go from “how to be a better student” to “a guide to starting a business”, with a few diversions into decluttering, weightloss, making your own wedding cake and getting a baby to sleep all night. There are books on how to write a book proposal and on how to cook for a dairy free toddler.

Every time there has been something in my life that matters. Something that I really wanted to get right, I bought a book. 

Inspiring action

A book is a great way to reach people who can’t afford a course, or who aren’t ready for it yet. They know they want to make a change, they are ready to commit to spending time reading about it and they fully intend to take action. 

Action that will make a difference, to them and to the people around them. Perhaps they will recommend your book to a friend, and that person will take action too. Books can travel around the world, passed from hand to hand, stuffed into bags, dogeared and well-read. Making a difference.

Some of those people will even come back to you. Having read your book, loved your message, but not quite taken action. They will be ready to sign up for personal support from the author of their favourite book.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, all I know is that books can change the world.