Let me set the scene.

Imagine walking down a street on a grey and drizzly day. Feet sore, heavy bags in your cold hands, head down as you focus on your shopping list. Then you hear laughter, music. The smell of fresh baking wafts in your direction and you look up to see a little café. It looks warm and you suddenly realise that a bit of a sit down is exactly what you need so you go in for a coffee.

Inside you see that there’s a table with a seat waiting just for you. There are hooks for your coat and even a cubby hole to put your shopping in. This place has thought of everything! The display of cakes is so tempting and you feel so welcome that you end up spending considerably more money than you had planned. And you come back next week with your friend. And bring your mum the week after that.

If you have an online business you can’t tempt people in with music and cake. But you can send social media posts out into the world. You can use SEO to send teasers out on Google. Those little bits of content waft around on the internet and draw people into your world. When those people decide to come and look at your website, the content they find makes all the difference. Not just a list of products but content that makes them feel welcome, that tells a story and displays your products so temptingly they can’t resist.

That is the power of content marketing, but it takes time and skill to write the sort of posts that really work. Time that I know you don’t have to spare. That’s where I come in. I have packages that make sure you have content to attract your ideal clients, and a website that lives up to their expectations.

VIP service

Sometimes you need more than just one piece of the jigsaw. Perhaps you’ve spent years cobbling things together, some bits you wrote yourself, some were done by one writer and some by another. It’s all… fine. but you don’t love it and it lacks consistency.

The huge advantage in being one of my VIP clients is that you get to have a copywriter in your corner. Someone who knows your business inside out and can help with everything, giving you beautiful consistency at every stage of the client journey. 

We begin with an audit. Do you need new website copy? A lead magnet? An email sequence? Let’s get everything polished and ready to go, so that all your leads have a perfect place to land.

Then I will help you attract those perfect clients, the ones who are ready to buy. I will put together a marketing strategy for you, based on your goals and priorities. Do you want quick results? Would you prefer to diversify away from social media? Are you looking to pre-qualify your leads? Whatever your goals are, your monthly package will reflect that. 

Not only that, every VIP client is allocated a few extra hours each month for anything that might come up. I have helped clients to word a reply to a tricky customer, or write a magazine article that has to be submitted by tomorrow. You never know when having a writer on your side could come in handy!

If this sounds good to you, just send me a message and we can have a chat about your business and what you need.

Know exactly what you want?

Webpages – from £200 per page (£400 for sales pages)

Do you hate your website? Or maybe you don’t have one yet? It’s a big handicap if you cringe every time someone asks for your website! I can help you fix that with home pages, about pages, sales pages and more.

Blogs – from £150 per blog (or £200 for a blog + 3 social media posts)

Once you have the main pages sorted, your next step is to add a blog. Blogs are great for SEO, they give your clients a way to get to know you and a reason to come back. They stay on your site for months (or even years) and build into the most amazing resource. Blogs are amazing at driving traffic. Plus, you can turn them into social media posts!

Emails – from £80 each

Do you need a monthly newsletter to keep drawing people back into your world? Perhaps you’re running a challenge and need a whole email sequence? I’ll be very happy to help!

Ghostwriting – from £14,000 to £30,000+

Have you always wanted to be a published author, but don’t have the time or inclination to write a whole book? Publishing a book is an incredible way to reach your audience, help more people, establish your credibility and build trust. It can even be a vital part of your sales funnel, and a useful source of passive income.

I can plan and write your book for you, using a combination of my own research, interviews with you and any course materials you already have. In fact, if you have a video course already I can simply transform that into book format! It couldn’t be easier.

How to Book

All you need to do now is send me a message and I’ll let you know what the next steps are – it’s as easy as that!