So, you like the idea of being an author, you’ve always wanted to see your name on the spine of a book. To add “author” to your bio and casually say “oh, I’ll send you a signed copy!” at dinner parties.

The trouble is, that’s not really enough. You aren’t going to go to all the trouble of writing a book (or have someone else write it for you) just so you can admire it on the bookcase. As a business owner it’s not about writing for the fun of it, you need to know that a book will help your business grow.

Any tool is only effective if you actually use it. Sticking your book on Amazon and waiting for the sales to roll in won’t be enough. So, what are your options? Once you have your book in your hands, what do you actually do with it?

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1) Build it into a sales funnel

You may already have a sales funnel with a freebie to get people onto your email list. If you offer your book as an ebook you can use it in exactly the same way. The beauty of this is that you can run adverts, letting you reach many more people, and let the book sales cover the cost of advertising.

Of course once you have delivered the ebook you will follow it with a killer email sequence (I can recommend Esther Nagle if you need a copywriter who specialises in exactly that). The combination of getting to know you through your book, and the nudges of your emails, will have eager prospects clamouring to book your higher priced packages.

2) Do a “book tour”

How many times have you seen an article, or listened to a podcast, interviewing the author of a new book? A book is a great excuse to pitch all your favourite platforms, it gives you something new to talk about and something for your host to focus on.

This will do two things. Of course it will hopefully bring in some book sales, which is always an excellent thing. It will also raise your profile in general. You will always share your website and social media details, so you will likely gain lots of new followers and clients. It’s hard to listen to someone talk passionately about their subject, sharing extracts and anecdotes from their new book, and not view them as the ultimate expert.

3) Make it a no brainer offer.

Do you have a “£99 thing”? So many people offer some kind of taster, often a one hour call, as an inexpensive way for new clients to dip their toe in the water.

But that’s not right for every business. Perhaps you don’t have time to take lots of one hour calls, or maybe you just can’t think of anything you could seperate out in that way. Perhaps £99 is a lot of money to your ideal client.

A book can be a great alternative first step. It’s affordable, it doesn’t take up any of your time once it’s written, and it gives your readers an amazing taste of what it’s like to work with you. If you’ve been searching for a way to get people to take that first step – a book could be just what you were looking for.

4) Give it away

Do you ever get asked to donate prizes, or run competitions within your own community? Are you an affiliate and want to offer a bonus to people who use your link?

Whether it’s supporting a friend’s free challenge or running a giveaway in an industry magazine, a signed book is the perfect prize. It doesn’t demand too much of you, but the payoff can be great. Long after people have forgotten who donated that big box of chocolates or spa day, they will still have your book on their shelf.

Of course, all the promo for the giveaway – talking about you and your book – doesn’t hurt your profile at all!

5) Boost your Bio.

Something strange happens when you write a book. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, how many years of experience you have or the amazing results you have achieved. People view you with more respect when you have a book to your name.

Add “author” to your LinkedIN profile, and include it whenever you are asked for a bio. Whether you are pitching for a speaking gig, or signing off on a guest blog post, you might be astounded by the difference it makes. Research shows that business owners are able to close more deals, and even get higher fees, when they have “author” in their bio.

6) Improve your SEO (and be found on Amazon too)

Have you noticed how many of these strategies will help to drive traffic to your website? All those podcasts, blogs and publications sharing your links don’t just send you traffic directly, they also tell the google bots that your site is worth visiting. Having your name, and your business name, linked to all those lovely keywords all over the place doesn’t hurt either!

Next time your perfect client is googling for a solution to their problems, you are more likely to show up. Which means you can reach more people, make a difference to more lives, and make more sales. A win-win situation.

Don’t have time to write a book?

All this sounds great, but when exactly are you meant to find time to sit down and type up 50,000 words? Not to mention all the planning and editing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. As a ghostwriter I specialise in writing your book. Your message, your annecdotes, your voice, just crafted into a highly readable book aimed at your ideal client.

I write the book you would write yourself, if only you had the time.

Message me to find out more.

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